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Request User Consent


cordova plugin add cordova-plugin-consent


You must have a Funding Choices account linked to your AdMob account.

To create a Funding Choices account, go to Privacy & messaging in the AdMob UI and select Go to Funding Choices. The Funding Choices account is then created automatically in the background.


document.addEventListener('deviceready', async () => {
if (cordova.platformId === 'ios') {
const status = await consent.trackingAuthorizationStatus()
0 = notDetermined
1 = restricted
2 = denied
3 = authorized
const statusNew = await consent.requestTrackingAuthorization()

const consentStatus = await consent.getConsentStatus()
if (consentStatus === consent.ConsentStatus.Required) {
await consent.requestInfoUpdate()

await consent.loadAndShowIfRequired()

if (await consent.canRequestAds()) {
// request ads
}, false)

If a user has consented to receive only non-personalized ads, pass npa="1" when creating the ad, e.g.

new admob.BannerAd({
adUnitId: 'ca-app-pub-xxx/yyy',
npa: '1',

The npa parameter is applicable to all ad formats, e.g. BannerAd, InterstitialAd, RewardedAd, RewardedInterstitialAd.