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Version: 1.x

Getting Started


Go to the AdMob portal and add your app (if you haven't done so already).

So you have the Application ID to follow the installation guide to add the plugin.

Initialize AdMob SDK

The plugin does not initialize AdMob SDK automatically. This allows requesting user consent before contacting any AdMob services.

Therefore, admob.start() must be called before loading ads.

Note that admob is undefined until deviceready event is fired.

document.addEventListener('deviceready', async () => {
await admob.start()

// Load ads here
}, false)

Create Ad Unit

Go to the AdMob portal and create a new ad unit for your app.

So you have the Ad Unit ID for later showing the ad.

Display Ads

Following the guide of different supported ad types to display ads,

ca-app-pub-xxx/yyy should be replaced with your Ad Unit ID.