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Release 1.0

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It is a long way to reach the 1.0 release.

480 commits, 730 files changed, 16341 insertions(+), 24085 deletions(-)

1.0 is a serious rewrite of its internals and APIs to utilize the recently updated and upcoming Google AdMob SDK.

Apart from the usual Cordova plugin, AdMob Plus is now officially providing plugins for Ionic and Capacitor v3.

Cordova Plugin

Package of Cordova plugin has been renamed from cordova-admob-plus to admob-plus-cordova. This keeps @ionic-native/admob-plus working without breaking.

cordova-admob-plus is now deprecated in favor of the new plugin, Ionic users should transit to use @admob-plus/ionic for the latest improvements.


TypeScript Support

admob-plus-cordova exports types for TypeScript projects.

Use Triple-slash directives to have global admob object typed,

/// <reference types="admob-plus-cordova" />

Regular import works too,

import { BannerAd } from 'admob-plus-cordova'

let banner: BannerAd

Multiple Ad Instances

It is now to manage multiple instances of the same ad format, thanks to the new API design.

const banner1 = admob.BannerAd({...})
const banner2 = admob.BannerAd({...})

Rewarded Interstitial Ad

As part fo utilizing the SDK, new ad format Rewarded Interstitial Ad is added.

App Tracking Transparency

requestTrackingAuthorization() was part of cordova-plugin-consent, is now moved to admob-plus-cordova,


While you could consider using it or not, this makes ATT integration much easier.

API Docs

API docs are automatically generated from source code to provide up-to-date reference to classes, methods and interfaces.

Ionic Plugin

The Ionic community has maintained @ionic-native/admob-plus for some time, it is hard to keep changes in sync with wrapping Cordova plugin due to the difference of release cycle.

By officially maintaining the Ionic plugin @admob-plus/ionic, the API and documentation will always be up-to-date.


Capacitor Plugin

Capacitor 3 is around the corner, @admob-plus/capacitor provides familiar AdMob Plus APIs for those want to try it out.


GitHub Sponsors

I have setup the Funding page since the project start to subsidize my open source work.

By adding GitHub Sponsors option, I wish there will be more recurring support.

Thank You

I would like to take the chance to say thank you to all contributors, especially to all sponsors supporting my work financially.

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